Top 5 tips that will help you to plan your trip to Jaisalmer, India

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A place rich in culture, heritage and it might sound exaggerating but I found it one of the safest city of India as people here are so welcoming and respectable especially for a  woman or should I say a solo traveler.

Here are my top 5 tips to travel in Jaisalmer.

  1. Where to stay? While traveling where you stay is most important and as Jaisalmer fort or Zostel is at center of the city I totally recommend to stay at Zostel as it is affordable also it cut downs transportation cost to visit main attraction as it’s quite close to property.
  2. what to eat? For food i totally recommend if you are travelling in India you must try street food as India has so much variety to offer and every city has its own specialty an In Jaisalmer Daulatbhai’s Dal pakwan is a must and even a Kachori just opposite to it and it costed around Rs. 50 per plate only. i get to know from locals that he was called to make Dal pakwan at Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor’s wedding.
  3. for transportation? transportation in Jaisalmer is a bit tricky as city divided in 2 parts so one chunk of attraction is in city only and the another in off beat Jaisalmer so there are tuk – tuk which cost you according to how many attractions they are showing  and for off beat you can rent a bike; it’s easily available.
  4. Where to shop from? Wherever i have traveled i think Jaisalmer has the best quality and variety of clothes at the cheapest rates. i have shopped so much from Jaisalmer from junk jewelry to clothes from souvenirs to stationary. i was stunned to see clothes quality. even you pack less you can totally go there and shop on budget and make outfits out of that. in fort lanes you will find shop named Arjun textiles and many more has the best collection.
  5. one must have experience of Jaisalmer? well, it’s really difficult to choose but something that I still cherish and it brings smile on my face is definitely the galaxy gaze in Thar desert. sleeping under millions of stars and watching galaxy was totally incredible. I visit it in December and that too on new moon so sky was completely dark and it was so cold but I just sat on sand dune and put my feet in under sand….   “it was one the most incredible experience I’ve ever had, so so peaceful so serene like meditation. “

I hope these tips will be helpful for you to plan your Jaisalmer trip.

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