Things to Do in Paris

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Paris. A city with an aura so moving that it can make those who fall in love, who thought their hearts to be of stone. Whether you’re going on a trip with family, friends, or your significant other, there are plenty of things to do and sights to see in this charming city.

Sightseeing Landmarks:

The Eiffel Tower- This goes without saying, any trip to the City of Love would be incomplete without visiting the landmark that is the very symbol of love. Did you know that this title has been conferred to the tower because of all the proposals that take place under it every year? If you happen to be traveling

with your partner, this is your sign to pop the question! Crowning the center of the city, the Eiffel Tower is the very heart and soul of Paris. The tower is lit up after dusk and at the beginning of every hour, a sparkling effect of the lights takes place for five minutes and stops at 11:45pm. The result is an 11:45 pm, mind-blowing spectacle, however, the tower is just as stunning in daylight.

Palace of Versailles- There are several tours available for this architectural feat that will transport you to another timeline and show you the world of nineteenth-century royals. The palace is an integral part of France’s history and stands as a reminder of everything it has overcome.

Spiritual Edifices- Paris houses a vast number of churches, cathedrals, and basilicas that map the cultural identity of the nation. A lot of them had undergone damage during the revolution but most have been restored to their original glory. All of them have a unique and awe-inspiring architecture that contributes to Paris’ layout and furthers its reputation as a romantic city. Some of the major tourist attractions are Notre Dame, Saint Sulpice (the “rose line” or the Paris Meridian begins from inside this church), and the Basilica of the Heart of Paris.

Visit the Louvre: This historical landmark is the largest museum in the world. Housing over thirty thousand pieces of priceless art created by prominent artists through various periods, it’s an art aficionado’s dream. If you’re a fellow Dan Brown enthusiast, then going here is an absolute must! What’s better than exploring the site that inspired Brown to create the mind-boggling rollercoaster that is The Da Vinci Code? There are various tours available for the Louvre, and visiting the museum is something that simply cannot be missed out on, so make sure to dedicate a day to it!


Wine and Champagne Tasting- Paris is known for its fine wine and champagne. Tours for wine and champagne tasting are available in large numbers. You get to understand the process of making these drinks while tasting different varieties that are brewed.

Food Tours- These tours will take you across Paris’ best restaurants and cafes. They offer the ultimate experience of exploring the food culture of the city and you get to try out all the essential items that comprise French cuisine.

Shopping- Paris has an endless array of luxury stores and boutiques along its avenues. Avenue Montaigne on Champs-Elyees Avenue is one of the popular shopping streets in the city. While the designer bags and shoes might be tres chic, shopping in Paris is quite expensive so be mindful of what you spend if you’re carrying limited cash.

Cruises- Apart from the architecture, one of the most picturesque aspects of this city is the river that flows through it. Being on a cruise across the Seine during golden hour or sunset is a gorgeous and enthralling experience that is bound to be embedded in your memory.

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Article written by:
Nayanika Aggarwal

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