Monsoon Treks In Maharashtra

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The abundant variety of treks available in the magnificent state of Maharashtra is all
gratifying and fulfilling in its unique way. Not to forget, they also include nature’s
gorgeous aspects such as landscapes, waterfalls, streams, and jungles, all of that will leave you
mesmerized. Here are a few that are a must-visit during the monsoon season.

1.Garbett Point

It’s one of the most popular routes to reach Matheran and can be accessed from there as
well. The Garbett Point trek begins at Dhom Lake and provides you with the perfect chance
to be at one with nature. You can explore the stunning waterfalls, lakes, streams and
pathways that are present here. It’s a one-day trek (about four to five hours) with a fairly
easy route and so it’s a good choice for beginners.


This trek comes in the category of some of the more challenging treks in the Sahyadris and
so naturally, it is recommended for more experienced hikers. It has a well-defined trail and it
should take approximately nine hours to reach the top from Khireshwar village.
Here, the Konkan Kada, which overlooks the Konkan region, is a cliff with a concave
structure due to which you can witness some mind-blowing phenomena like vertical cloud
bursts. The journey might be difficult but it’ll leave you with an incredible experience and it’s
a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

3.Mahuli Fort
Mahuli Fort
Heaven for rock climbers, Mahuli is a one-day trek near Mumbai. This exotic fort with
peculiar pinnacles is a frequent choice for trekking among tourists due to its difficulty level,
which is pretty easy, and its location. The trek begins after a short road trip from Asangaon
till the beginning of the trail. It is the highest point in the Thane District of Maharashtra and
hence, is also known as the Everest of Thane.

4.Visapur and Lohagad Fort

Visapur and Lohagad are twin forts in Maharashtra, connected by a small range. These two
forts were built quite a few years apart but their history is closely linked.
Situated near Visapur village in Maharashtra, Visapur Fort (also known as Visapoor Fort) is a
hill fort part of the Lohagad-Visapur fortification. This is the higher and larger of the two
citadels. Within the fort can be found several caves and ancient houses. This trek is not very
tough and offers a stunning view!
Located close to Lonavala, the hill station, Lohagad Fort (iron fort) is an integral part of the
history of Maharashtra. The trek till Lohagad Fort is extremely easy and the trail is open
even during the rains. It’s a must to check this out while visiting.

5.Dhak Bahiri Caves
This one is definitely not a piece of cake. The trek up to the Dhak Bahiri Caves near village
Jambhivli includes a col, a scarp and a vertical assent. Needless to say, it is dangerous and
a single tiny mistake could have severe repercussions. However, despite the great risk, this
trek is quite a popular choice among the locals of Mumbai and Pune. There are three
different routes to reach the caves and they all take around four to five hours not including
the travel time.

The trek is not very difficult and if you get a decent amount of physical exercise regularly
then it won’t be tough at all. The trail is mostly forests and dry terrain. The entire Naneghat
trek takes about four hours and towards the end of the trek you’ll be able to see a high point
before you. The trek is filled with picturesque spots and presents an opportunity to admire
the various works of nature.

7. Kalsubai
The Kalsubai mountain is the highest peak in all of Maharashtra. Despite the trek to the top
being a bit long, it is ideal for beginners as there are stairs built there that go all the way to
the peak. Quite often, local guides accompany the travellers to the top. The overall distance
is a little over six kilometres and should take three to four hours.

8. Korigad Fort

Located near Lonavala in Pune, this ancient fort is established at a height of 923m above
sea level. This trek is extremely easy and it takes only an hour to reach the top of the fort.
You have a fifteen-minute walk through a jungle after starting and then it gets even simpler
as there are stairs that have been constructed for the rest of the way.

9. Torna Fort
Torna fort
The Torna Fort is the highest hill fort in the Pune District. The route to this citadel is easy to
follow but it gets slightly difficult in the last couple of sections. The total distance is eleven
kilometres and if you start from the base, it shall take you three hours to reach. It’s allowed to
stay at the fort and so you can carry your things and spend the night there if you wish to do
so. These treks will give you an experience like no other and bid you farewell with a token of
memories to cherish.

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