Top 5 Destinations in India, Which can change your life forever!

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There’s something that leaves an impact on your existence and your ideologies. Guess what is it? Traveling of course. A little part of you is left behind in every place you visit and is replaced by a new one. There’s no place on earth like India which can leave that kind of life-changing impact on your heart and soul.

These are the 5 destinations that are bound to change your life forever! A few of them inspired me to be what I am today and some are surely on my list to visit soon! If you want to visit such beautiful places which would inspire you and boost you to be what you were destined to be, here are the places for you!

  1. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Gurez Valley, Kashmir
  3. Majuli Island, Assam
  4. Chembra Peak, Western Ghats
  5. Hemis, Ladakh


The eastern Himalayan Ranges has a small town names Tawang. Known for its 400- year old Monastery. One of the biggest Buddhists monasteries in India and a pilgrim center for followers of Buddhism. Along with its religious importance, Tawang is also famous for its natural beauty and lovely sceneries, which enchants travelers! In the northwestern region of Arunachal Pradesh, a state in northeast India lies the town of Tawang. Right adjacent with Bhutan’s border. The most favorable time to plan a trip here is between the months of June and October. The photogenic town Bomdila is an important town to visit near Tawang and it is known for its natural beauty and Buddhist monasteries. Tawang doesn’t have an airport or a railway station of its own. It is joined by roads with different towns in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam through Bomdila.

Gurez Valley

A hidden paradise plucked straight out of an offbeat folktale! Gurez valley. When you look at the waterfalls, snow-capped peaks, and lush emerald fields, your heart just jumps with joy and you feel the offbeat and calm vibe! That’s Kashmir’s Gurez Valley. It is located approximately 120 kilometers away from Srinagar, the altitude where it’s perched is, 8,000 ft. The valley is encircled by the magical and overwhelming Himalayas and has the Kishanganga River, merging with the Jhelum River in Pakistan, flowing through the plains. Habba Khatoon is the star mountain peak here. Named after a Kashmiri poetess. The only high-altitude roadway between Srinagar and Gurez is The Razdan Pass. The bumpy road trip doesn’t feel so bumpy when you look outside at the magnificent scenery! Along the banks of the Kishanganga River is this valley located. The restless but mesmerizing Kishanganga is known to provide one of the most beautiful sunrises in Kashmir. Gurez Valley might be the Paradise on earth, but we should never forget it’s in a distressed region of Kashmir close to the border. There are separate army camps, check posts and razor-wired fences for security and safety purposes. It’s advisable to stick to the main road and not wander off on your own. Your personal ID card must always be with you to clear the safety check posts. Apart from all this, there are various trekking and camping spots which are safe and beautiful! And can be experienced without the need of crossing any borders.

Majuli Island

The biggest River Island in the world is located in the state of Assam in India, on the Brahmaputra River. This island is formed by the two Rivers in the north and the south, named, River Subansiri and River Brahmaputra. Since the 16th century, this place is known as the cultural capital of the state Assam. This place is covered by greenery on all sides and is totally pollution-free, therefore it’s an environmentally-friendly destination. The prime cause of attraction of tourists to travel here from all over India is the colorful and vibrant festivals celebrated here. The Bathow Puja and Paal Naam are two notable festivals of Majuli. The Island of Majuli is around 20 kilometers from Johrat city. One can either hire a taxi or board a bus to reach the place from Johrat City.

Chembra Peak

Chembra Heart Shaped Lake is naturally formed and is literally known as the symbol of Love and Affection as well as Eternal Beauty. Locally known as, ‘Hridayathadakam’. It is located 2100 meters above the main sea level, at the top of the Chembra Peak. One of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats and the highest in the Wayanad District. On the way to the peak, one of the marvelous sights is the lake at the top of the hill. Gorgeous landscape and lush green meadows ranging over 100 hectares of land surround it. This peak also has wild elephants and deer and some other wild animals. ‘Chembra Mala’ or ‘Chembra Peak’ is a tremendous trekking spot in South India. Anyone who is curious about nature and its mesmerizing beauty can be satisfied by traveling here and trekking on this peak. This peak is crammed with a whirl of wind and velvety clouds and possesses a huge variety of endangered flora and fauna. It’s a perfect place for an adventurous holiday, not just for trekking alone! From the topmost area of the peak, we can get a pleasing view of the whole Wayanad district! And a small view of Kozhikode, Malappuram, and Nilgiri Hills. The trek starts from the tea plantations gradually moving towards the dense thick green forests to finally reach the camping spot. This track provides a bird’s eye view of grasslands, the green landscape of the forest, and valleys!


The Tibetan New Year, Losar, commemorates with glory and majesty at Hemis for two weeks in December and January. Several travelers always look forward to this festival while in Hemis. Home to the endangered snow leopard, the Hemis National Park is a must-visit place there! The average minimum and maximum temperatures of Hemis are 4°C and 25°C respectively. The best time to visit Hemis is between the months, May to October.

The most popular and also dubbed as the richest monastery in Ladakh is named Hemis Gompa. It is 45 kilometers away from the capital city, Leh, This monastery is known for its very famous 2-day festival, Hemis Festival. The prime allure while the festival takes place, is the unfurling of the giant thangka (religious painting). Every 12 years, during the Hemis Festival, the unfurling of one of the largest thangkas in Ladakh is done in front of a large crowd!

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