5 Heart-warming and uplifting workation destinations for women in India

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What exactly is ‘Workation’? It simply means working while being on a vacation. The name clearly gives you the idea of working and relaxing simultaneously while you’re on a vacation. The mental health of individual women has been stressed out due to this pandemic along with the top industries of our country. The scenario in which we’re stuck right now haunts people who love to work. Because you can’t take a light break and sit and relax somewhere to cool off. It’s frustrating at home, but now, let’s cheer up and change the mood by planning a trip to our dream destinations. Without the need of taking a day off from office work, and increasing our productivity in what we do while working from home.

We realize the travel restrictions are not as strict as they were. In fact, they’re actually improving, travelers can move freely wherever they desire to travel. And the most uplifting thing which this idea offers is that you can work at the location of your choice. You can enjoy the cool breeze of Cola beach in Goa or relax in nature’s arm itself at Dhom Dam in Panchgani while attending a zoom meeting at the same time. Sounds so perfect right? There are multiple workation destinations in India, where you can plan a trip and have a much-needed break from the exhausting pandemic life.

Wondering already where to go? Don’t worry we’ve got your
back ladies!

Proper transfers with sanitization and stay options, workspace, Speedy Wi-Fi, and sightseeing visit at the weekends are our top 5 workation destinations in India for a long stay for travelers:

  1. Goa
  2. Panchgani
  3. Coorg
  4. Darjeeling
  5. McLeodganj


Wow! Who wouldn’t think about this wonderful joy of a place? The top place that is the best for workation is Goa. The beautiful feeling of taking up a villa on rent by the beach and working while rejoicing the sound waves of the blue seawater. Sipping a Piña colada, coffee or a glass of red wine is the epitome of marvelousness when you choose Goa for a workation trip. Of course, there are benefits as well, for example after-work parties, enjoying beautiful sunsets after a hectic day, weekend sightseeing tours or just feel the beauty of Goa. Goa is all about wonderful beaches, casino nights, night parties, and soothing waterfalls. Plan a trip and enjoy working and relaxing at this beautiful destination.


Secondly, we give you one of the best places that can be chosen for workation, which is Panchgani, near Mahabaleshwar. The Sahyadri hills, a treat to the eyes. The river surrounding these hills can be seen when you stay at the nearby numerous hotels. Just because of the pleasant temperature here, this could be the best place for you to work and chill. The benefits include, the pleasant weather, the calmness of this beautiful hill station the foggy climate during monsoon and winters, and is also a cost-effective place.


A strong cup of coffee and intense work are what one wishes for. Fragrant coffee estates provide one of the best workplaces for travelers in Coorg. The natural beauty of the place, the pleasant climate, the offbeat places to visit, and much more are the perfect benefits if you visit Coorg for workation. There are many natural homestays and low-budget hotels that are located beautifully with spectacular views of the Ghats. For a relaxing, charming, and stress-free time off your daily work, A workation in Coorg is the best way out.


‘Queen of Hills’ as they call it. A hilly region that is truly heaven on the Earth. Located at a height of 6,700 feet, here is this cute little hill station. Workation in Darjeeling can unexpectedly be an awesome choice. The cool weather, the natural beauty, the calmness of this place, and, freakish places to visit on your off days are a couple of benefits when you travel here for work. The Tourism of this place has so much to offer and it surely could be the most chill and soothing break from this hell of a pandemic.


A bizarre thing to do would be to plan a workation in McLeodganj. Also known as “Dhasa”, it is a suburb located in Himachal Pradesh. There is a large Tibetan population here, hence the name. The benefits which come along when you plan to work and relax in McLeodganj, are the spectacular beauty of the place, far from the hustle & bustle of the urban life, gratifying climate, and outstanding cafes to sip a coffee. It is also a snug and secure choice. The Dharamshala International Film Festival and Tibetan sites are the major highlight points of this area in the tourism which Himachal offers. True to my heart, this experience is much needed and honestly very wonderful after this deadly pandemic.

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