10 Major mistakes to avoid while traveling

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Excessive Packing

It’s very appealing to bring outfits for each possible occasion, but it’s problematic to haul your luggage around, and you’ll grind to a halt with high baggage fees for accidentally exceeding the weight limit. Instead, pack the bag you usually do, then remove half of the garments you initially planned. You’re not going to wear all of them, you don’t need to sacrifice style, and you’ll always be getting them washed on the way.

Not Checking Your Cell Phone Plan

It’s very necessary to have knowledge about what your plan covers to avoid data roaming fees. If it’s not covered, simply put your phone on airplane mode, it’ll turn off the data itself once you put it on airplane mode. You can access the Wi-Fi even if you’re on airplane mode. If data is vital to you, check out buying a world plan or buying a local SIM card once you’re there.

Booking Consecutive Flights without Much Time between Them

Flight conditions are often unforeseeable. If one of your flights gets delayed, you would possibly be forced to hurry through an unknown airport to book your connecting flight, and you wouldn’t make it in time. The best option is to book them with a safe buffer in between. So that you have enough time to deal with any inconvenience caused by flight delays or other technical issues.

Forgetting Exchanging Some Local Currency from the Airport

The moment you’re off the airport, a local currency is very important for you to have access to cabs and public transport. Exchange rates are very good on ATMs at the airport if you want to take out money from them. So just simply take enough cash from there and maybe a tad extra for emergencies! We generally use our credit cards, but having enough cash in hand always makes it easier! Visiting local markets is a must when we travel, and many of these places don’t accept credit cards.

Not Informing Your Bank About Your Travel Plans

Credit card companies alert international withdrawals in case of card fraud and may block or put your account on hold. It’s better to inform your bank prior to your trip. They may charge foreign transaction fees, so better figure out that as well beforehand, so there are no surprises.

Not Buying Insurance for Traveling

Cancellation fees are covered by travel insurance, so if there is any inconvenience or sudden change of plans and the trip does not seem like a good idea, you wouldn’t lose a lot of money. Some plans also cover emergency medical expenses if your own health insurance plan doesn’t cover you outside your country.

Not Going Through Visa Requirements

Unfortunately, if you’re held up at any foreign checkpoint, it would be very inconvenient for you as well as time-consuming. Very expensive in the least, might end the trip as well. Websites are available on the internet which gives information about visa requirements for different countries. It’s better to go through that beforehand, so it doesn’t cause you problems later!

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