Women in travel who are Changemakers

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Travel for the longest time has been a male-dominated industry. But through the upcoming years, we have experienced noticeable changes where women have travelled the world, made a career out of it and initiated huge changes in the industry. Here’s us celebrating their numerous adventures, explorations and victory in embracing the changes. These women have not only wholeheartedly travelled the world, but also inspired every human stuck in the ode of monotony. This article will introduce you to some remarkable travel influencers who have broken stereotypical barriers and led the pathway for many to aspire.

Kritika Goel (@kritika_goel)
Breaking the leashes of the corporate world, Kritika dared to dream big and turned her love for travel into her profession. Full-time YouTuber and content creator, Kritika has been featured in TEDx, Times of India, Cosmopolitan and many more. Her work is a perfect balance between informative planned travel days with explorations of the untrodden path.

Tanya Khanijow (@tanyakhanijow)
This adventure freak didn’t want to compromise on her dreams. Tanya through her travel documentaries, made her audience travel the world digitally. Her travel series like the Everest Base Camp, Iss Bar America, Namibia has won several hearts. Her passion to indulge in nerve-wracking adventures, learning about new cultures and traditions makes her stand out in the crowd. Tanya introduced the concept of sustainable travel and has encouraged youngsters to live life on their own terms.

Radhika Nomllers (@radhika_nomllers)
The outdoor girl, Radhika who calls herself a Professional Nomad is an adventure freak, nature lover. Her travel blogs are an abode of hiking adventures, camping with the stars, walking the unexplored regions. Radhika through her lenses is ought to give you an adrenaline rush, from living remotely in the mountains to Hitchhiking in various parts of the world. This solo traveller will make you fall in love with the simplicity of travel and serve you with the best travel tips.

Shenaz Treasurywala (@shenaztreasury)
This Quirky, always in search of new adventures, Shenaz has passionately followed her heart. Her recent project My Great Indian Road trip amidst the pandemic has not all given her audience positivity but also helped local tourism to regain business. Documenting and spending time with the locals, experiencing the cultural diversity has made her style of content unique.

Sharanya Iyer (@trulynomadly)
From Sky Diving in Dubai to snorkelling between 2 continents in 2 degrees Celcius, from visiting a volcano to trekking the Himalayas through a Snowstorm, Iyer has shared her ecstatic experiences of the same. She thrives to fulfil her purpose to create travel content, in the hope to inspire someone around the globe to take the plunge. She beautifully documents niches like Budgeting during travel, backpacking and so much more. Iyer, who once dared to let go of her fears and discovered the warmth of unknown lands, now encourages each of her audience to join the community.

Priyanka Chandola (@desiGirltraveller)
Priyanka popularly known as DesiGirl Traveller is well known for the type of unfiltered and real content she puts up on the internet. This small-town girl struggled to make a name in the corporate world but always believed she was meant to do something extra. Being the strong-headed rebel she always had been, Priyanka set out to give her dreams shape through the digital space. From the enchanting Spiti valley to the breath-taking North East, she has captured them all through her lenses. Priyanka has inspired many through her story and helped every girl believe in themselves. Exquisite plans, wonderful off-beat explorations and keeping it raw is her USP.

Shivya Nath (@shivya)
Shivya, a Storyteller, writer, photographer, blogger and most importantly a passionate traveller has gorgeously embraced the nomadic life and how! She narrates to the world amazing, descriptive experiences from across the globe. In 2018, she published her book named The Shooting Star about how travel changed her life. Shivya made an impressable impact on her audience with her take on sustainable and vegan travel. She made a mark by documenting unsaid local cultures, spending time in the unexplored parts of the world.

Chandni and Simone (@grabyourglobe)
This quirky fun-loving duo will capture every inch of your heart, with their travel stories with a twist of their adorable friendship. Growing up, like every other child travel seemed a luxury, a reward from all the rigorous hard work. But this duo, made their passion, their livelihood and brought the unexplored to their Instagram grid. The always so chill duo welcomed the serenity and made nature’s abode their holy grail.

Neelima Vallangi (@neelimav)
Neelima Vallangi, a travel writer and photographer by profession is also a travel enthusiast. Neelima has penned down her breathtaking adventures, experiences for the world to aspire bigger. She has been featured by BBC, NatGeo Traveller, Indian Express and many more. Her take on creating awareness on climatic anxiety and sustainable travel has created a heartwarming impact.

Kamya Buch (@iamkamyabuch)
Travel Blogger Kamya Buch is a solo-traveller mostly a backpacker, who embraces her nomadic life in the digital world. As stated by Buch, after completing her Masters, she left to fulfil what her heart was longing for the longest time. From travel information of the Himalayas to the lifestyle topics of the foreign lands of Thailand, her blogs gives you everything you may long for.

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