Places to visit in Malta

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Have you ever been to the world’s Smallest Country, which offers 3 UNESCO sites? No worries we have got you covered!


Malta is in Southern Europe and is officially known as the Republic of Malta. Valletta is its capital city — the smallest national capital in the European Union. The place is known for its historic sites, related to the succession of rulers like Romans,  knights. But also this country does not only hold historic value but also offers breath-taking landscapes and warm climate!


It is a small island between the islands of Malta and Gozo in the Mediterranean sea. It has calming views and crystal clear water till where you can put your eyes on it! Also fun fact the place is named after a cumin seed that one’s flourished on the serene island. 


Your ecological and geographical heaven! Its dramatic coastal formations and sea spilling over rocks make it to-be-added-to-your-checklist-destination. One can also take a dip in the deep sea with calming views.


This city still stands to its name and has incurred all the ancient cultures, once in a lifetime you need to visit this silent city! This serene city dates back to 4000 years when Phoenicians found it! At the time of Normans in the year 1901, it was the capital of Malta. But the Knights of Malta changed the capital to Vittoriosa, and after the capital left Medina, it became a silent city. But the city still holds uptight to its silence. Very few cars are allowed in the city, there are signs that remind everyone to keep the noise low. It only has a population of 300 people, now you know, how well kept their secret is. Make this part of your Malta itinerary for sure.


A white stretch of golden sand gives Golden Bay its name. It is surrounded by natural dunes and jagged cliffs. Also, the beach has a lot to offer, with a wide range of water sports, or if adventure is not something that interests you, no worries, one can even spend hours baking a golden tan on the sun as long as one wishes or even get your body moving with beach volleyball. The beach follows a flag system, now what is it? There are different color flags that guide bathers of potential threats.

  • Green Flag: It’s safe to bathe in here
  • Purple Flag: Keep an eye out for marine pets
  • Yellow Flag: Low danger, exercise caution
  • Red Flag: Danger due to strong currents, avoid bathing
  • Double Red Flag: Danger, do not enter water due to any circumstances.

So now you are aware of what not to miss when visiting the island. The bay offers everything that can bring a smile to everyone’s face.


The Ggantija temple is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it dates back to 3600 to 3200 BC. It was believed that the giants build these prehistoric temples, and that is what they are named after. The temples have been preserved and are among the most unexceptional preserved sites in Malta. The site consists of two temples, the south temple, and the north temple. Although the two structures have been painted and re-painted in today’s world they stand roofless. When in Gozo visit this historic place to get more of the place.

These are the two most unexceptional preserved sites of Malta, with an unparalleled location atop a cliff. The site also offers a hands-on visitors’ center to give a backdrop of the site, and also offers a children’s play center. The temple consists of series of interconnected, oval chambers with no uniformity.

Mnajdra is a 700m walk downhill from Hagar Qim. Mnajdra is more elaborate and offers three temples side by side each with a different orientation. All these temples date back to 3000 and 3600 BC.

Do visit these prehistoric and amazing places that Malta has to offer, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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