How to Survive long-haul Flights

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I flew on many long-haul flights in the majority of them are unpleasant and uncomfortable. After years of flying long haul, eventually, I learned how to survive long flights in the economy and make the best of the situation. Flying long haul in coach can be awful but there are ways to make sure you have a good flight. Here are my top tips on how to survive a long flight.

Get yourself a good seat!

No seat in the economy is great but some seats are better than others. Don’t get stuck with a middle seat on the last row in a seat that won’t recline. Make sure to get a seat assignment as soon as you book your flight. If you are unable to select your seats online, call the airline and ask for the seats you would like.

You should sleep well during the long flights

For me, the number one way to survive a long flight in the economy is to sleep through most of the flight. There are a few things you can do to make it more likely to sleep well on your long flight. I recommend bringing either earplugs or noise-reducing headphones to block out noise and help you sleep. These are the best headphones I have found. If you have trouble sleeping with lights on bringing an eye mask. You might also find it more comfortable to travel with a neck travel pillow or your own pillow.

Wear your most comfortable outfit

If you wear tight jeans or a fitted blouse for 15 hours you wouldn’t like to see that outfit again but when it comes to long-distance travel, stick to a “comfy-chic” dress code of neutral, loose-fitting layers you can move around in. Besides keeping cozy on a flight, you’ll also guard against yourself from the extreme cold a serious condition that’s aggravated when you sit in cramped positions for long periods of time. Experts also recommend wearing compression socks, which reduce swelling and decrease the risk of blood clots. Another must for the ladies is your favorite pashmina/scarf, which does triple-duty as a stylish accessory, an extra layer for beating cabin chills, and, when folded, an extra pillow to lean on.

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