4 Benefits of a nature walk

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• It makes you happier

If you ever suffer from anxiety or depression, you should know that nature walks have been found to be more effective than antidepressants. By exposing yourself to a green environment you can improve both your self-esteem and mood. The combination of exercise, fresh air, and the quiet peace of a natural landscape will also lift your cheer.

• You can meet amazing people

If you are scared to take trips just by yourself, you can join one of the many existing groups of people who enjoy outdoor nature walks. You can search for a group on Facebook by your location, or you can get in touch with organizations like Rewilding Europe for meeting people who share your interests. Usually, outdoor lovers seem to be very experienced and interesting characters with many amazing stories to tell. Don’t be afraid to make new friends.

• It reduces your appetite

If you want to get or keep in shape, nature walks are an efficient appetite suppressant. A study has shown that walking outdoors can have appetite-reducing effects. It found that subjects produced lowered brain response to food images on a day they have spent walking outside compared to a day without going out for a walk.

It creates beautiful memories

Doesn’t matter if you share your nature walks with someone special or just by yourself. Europe has plenty of majestic and inspiring places waiting for you to visit. You can visit our routes section to see how amazing could your experience be in those landscapes. Not only your memory can stock your first impression; you can take pictures to keep that feeling with you forever.

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