14 Vital things to pack with you while traveling

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Wow, the enthusiasm for traveling! Destinations marked. Tickets, hotels, shopping, all check. The only thing keeping you on hold is proper packing. For some people packing the bags is a very exciting job, but others might be confused while packing. Generally, you would take your favorite clothes and a couple of new ones you bought specially for this trip. You can’t forget the Camera, and the list goes on and on! Whatever you may pack with you, but the vital things or simply the travel essentials, you cannot miss packing. Of course, they depend on the destination, but there are some things which are very necessary to carry, no matter where you plan to travel to. A wanderlust, or a first-timer when it comes to traveling, the best thing is to be travel-ready and get all the things that you would definitely need on that particular trip. Be sure to make a travel checklist, so that you aren’t confused when you start packing. Read on and happy packing!

1) Your passport

To be very honest, the passport is the most vital item on the list, you can’t risk forgetting it. Be careful and check it before heading out! Use a distinct cover to wrap it with, and keep it in a familiar place so you find it with ease and NEVER forget it!

2) Warm Shawl

Another essential would be a Pashmina shawl, be it a fancy one or a plain warm shawl. Planes and buses might be air-conditioned, and they get way chilly. You wouldn’t want to use the plane/bus-issued one. Because they’re useless against the cold.

3) Notebook and Pen

Yes, we are almost in 2022, but the paper isn’t dead yet and is very useful in a long journey ahead of you! Traveling often gives us a chance to reflect on ourselves and allows us to think about mad and indisputably amazing ideas, which just sometimes pop out of nowhere. Mostly when you are zoned out while looking out of your window or staring at the front seat. Relatable right?! Simply note them down while they’re circling your thoughts. Who knows what the inner writer in you is capable of? Maybe you would end up writing a short story, or poetry!

4) Sleeping Bag

This simply protects your sleeping bag from body oil and is free from dirt. That’s why an essential item. It can itself be used as a sleeping bag in summers and would surely provide a little extra warmth in winters as a second layer.

5) Portable Charger & Power Surge Protector

You never know if you’re not able to find a charging point somewhere on your journey. So it is definitely better to carry a portable charger. Power surges and voltage spikes might also cause you some problems, therefore a power surge protector is equally as important as the charger.

6) First Aid Box

Unfortunate and unforeseen incidents or accidents often occur when you’re on a journey. The First Aid box is very important for that case. Carrying it will ensure your safety from infections and will give you enough time to find proper treatment.

7) Download Google Translate

You might be traveling somewhere where you’re not able to communicate with the local residents of that particular place. This would definitely help you communicate with them. You can’t afford to be helpless while trying to talk to people while on a journey!

8) Travel Fanny Pack

Be as organized as you can while traveling, it’s very important! To avoid unnecessary chaos and confusion, a travel fanny pack is the best solution. You can keep your important documents such as AADHAR card, passport, driving license, travel tickets, etc. Also, currencies, hotel keys, and credit/debit cards along with the documents.

9) Face Masks & Sanitizers

Face Masks are like one of the most important things to carry in this horrible pandemic season! To avoid the spread of viruses or any other infections. Along with them also carry at least two bottles of hand sanitizers. As they help in disinfecting your hands if you come in contact with various people or objects at the airports, hotels, etc.

10) Toiletries

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouth wash, face wash, etc. are very important for your daily hygiene and cleanliness. Don’t forget to carry them in a small portable pack and not get them mixed in the major suitcase, so as to avoid chaos when you need them!

11) Neck Pillow

Who would want a bad pain in the neck on the trip? They’re really very annoying and won’t let you be at peace! To countering that pain, do carry a neck pillow with you. When you are waiting for the train, flight or bus, what else would provide you comfort while you sit and wait! The best advantage of carrying this is, that it’s lightweight, portable, satisfying and very cute! Think twice before discarding the idea of getting it on your checklist!

12) Disinfecting Wipes

You’ll counter so many people and different places while traveling. You may touch something infectious, so you don’t worry about it, you would need these wet wipes which will help you disinfect your items and yourself. They can be used multiple times on the trip. They’ll keep you hygienic and clean most of the time!

13) Slippers

It’s not possible wearing shoes all the time! That’s why carrying them is so necessary. Who wants blisters and smelly feet on a sweet journey?! The feet need to breathe, therefore, slippers are the best for casual walks and to wear inside the hotels, as they are way comfortable and smooth.

14) Lightweight Day Pack

This must be on every traveler’s list because this is it. It’ll help to carry most of the above essentials already talked about. You can carry chargers, toiletries, things of frequent use technically which you need every now and then while traveling.

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