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Sri Lanka, formerly known caller Ceylon, is an island country in South Asia. It lies in the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Bay of Bengal, and southeast of the Arabian Sea, let’s find some amazing places to Visit here!

Pettah Floating Market

The sprawling floating market of Pettah is located above the busy Beira Lake on a bridge. This is one of the most fascinating markets in Sri Lanka. It is also very unusual for tourists to visit because not many people know about it. Its just a regular market selling everything from footwear, clothes and accessories to fruits and vegetables but what makes it unique is it’s atmosphere and location.

Turtle Hatchery Centres

Surrounding the beach of Bentota, lie various turtle hatcheries. This is one of the most interesting things for tourists to do because they can visit various centres and learn about the complete life of a turtle. These hatcheries provide a safe platform for the turtles to nurture themselves right from the time of their birth to the time of setting off for the sea. Other than taking care of the turtles born here, the people of these hatcheries constantly make efforts to locate injured or endangered turtles out there and bring them back for protection and safety. These are completely open to tourists and they have verified and qualified officials ready to instruct and guide tourists about how the system works.

Glen Falls

Glen Falls is one of the most beautiful falls in Sri Lanka and unlike it’s counterparts( Devon Falls, Laxapana Falls, Ramboda Falls) , it is very less crowded. One can visit it while on their way to Nuwara Elia. You can take a refreshing dip here which can serve as a break. The weather in and around is cool with a slight breeze blowing all the time.

Dutch Fort

A treat for all the history lovers and tourists who aim to learn about the culture and heritage of a country, the Dutch Fort Or more popularly known as the Galle Fort is based on the southern coast of Sri Lanka in the Bay of Galle. The Galle Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1588 and then extensively fortified in the mid-1600s. The fort was declared a World Heritage Site in 1988 by UNESCO in order to preserve its cultural heritage. It is now surrounded byjewelry shops, cafes, bookstores, fashion outlets, and the extravagant Amangalla Hotel. The tourists are often seen taking a walk along the streets here to see the statues of Portuguese soldiers during war and learn of the interaction of European architecture and South Asian traditions from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

Whale watching tour in Mirissa

The best thing to do in Mirissa, Sri Lanka, is to go on a guided whale watching tour or a dolphin watching tour. The best time to go on a dolphin/whale watching tour in Mirissa is from November to April when the ocean is relatively calmer and these mammals can be sighted in close proximity to your boat. It is unimagined fun and a activity full of adrenaline. The average cost is Rs 2000 INR per person. All safety equipment and measures are followed. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

It was established to give a home to abandoned, injured, or abused elephants as well as give them nourishment and care. It has made tremendous efforts for the welfare and protection of elephants. It has 49 elephants at present. Many of these are small elephants. Its one of the most peaceful things to do as the tourists are allowed to watch these babies play, roll around and bathe from a distance. It leaves one with sheer joy and happiness seeing these innocent creatures going on about their day. Littering is strictly prohibited here along with loud noises.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

The blazing sun and the heat from the ground makes climbing the narrow steely rocky trail a big task. But it definitely is worth it. It offers a breathtaking 360 degree view of the surrounding hills, forests, pastures, lakes, and even monuments of Sigiriya from a birds-eye angle, the Sigiriya Rock Fortress always manages to capture travelers with its beauty and magnificence. With such spectacular views, visiting this fortress in Sigiriya should be on every tourists. Sri Lanka itinerary.

Gorgonian Gardens

Sri Lanka is the best spot of adventure seekers and the Gorgorian Gardens located in Colombo offers one such exotic adventure. The clear waters are perfect for great diving spots. It is one of the activities that attract tourists from all across the globe. It is extremely pocket friendly with verified and experienced instructors guiding you throughout. All safety equipment is perfectly checked before using.

Hot Air Ballooning in Kandalama

This location which is approximately a five hour drive from Colombo offers to all the tourists a breath taking experience. They get to watch the vast landscape covered with the lushes and green this beautiful country has to offer. Hot Air Ballooning in Kandalama is an amazing amalgamation of thrills and serenity, as you will be witnessing beautiful landscapes while ballooning in vibrant hot air balloons floating in the clouds. It costs Rs 2500 INR per person.


Sri Lanka is filled with oceans and lakes and this gives a way for tourists to go snorkeling. It is inevitable that snorkeling will fascinate you. It makes us discover the rich aquamarine life it offers. The charge per person is 1800 INR For the best experience you can try snorkeling in Weligama and Kirinda.

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